Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gun Control


This website is in favour of the 2nd amendment and guns, and strangely protecting the original constitution and its values rather than protecting human life. Interestingly there is a link to the tea party, anti Obama images, and has pictures of pink guns signifying that it is indeed a female website. The idea of women and guns has become a very popular one in the last few years, and this can be seen through this website. On the website there are many links to other sites, and many articles written on the subject of the 2nd amendment. The mission statement and the language it uses is quite tough, serious and aggressive. This can be seen with many other pro-gun sites, all of which seem to have a certain idea that defending the 2nd
Amendment is some sort of war. As I already mentioned, the site is affiliated with the Tea Party, and their ideas of defending the original constitution are quite similar.


The anti-gun website I have chosen is closely affiliated with the very influential Brady Campaign, and is called the Million Mom March. The original MMM took place in 2000, and was in protest of the ease of purchasing guns and ammunition in America, with particular attention paid to keeping guns away from minors. Interesting the original website for the march has since been taken over by the Brady Campaign, and now when one tries to access the site it immediately redirects to the Brady campaign site. The Brady Campaign is not opposed to the ownership of guns but to the selling of guns to just anyone, and it campaigns for much tougher restrictions. This is a view I share, I believe that if it is absolutely necessary to have possession then so be it but only in the hands of someone who has a legitimate license.

The main differences I have found between the sites are the difference in ideals- the pro gun community all seem to discuss the effect of taking away guns as though it is an affront to the original constitution, whereas groups such as the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March are more concerned with the human effects of guns in local communities, and the effects it has on children.

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