Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pro and Anti gun control

Pro- gun control

This website is pro- gun control by the Brady campaign. The Brady campaign’s aim is to prevent gun violence and to make sure Americans feel safe. They believe this can be done by restricting who can own a gun as they believe that preventing the dangerous, mentally ill and convicted criminals will reduce the amount of people effected by gun violence. They don't aim to stop everyone from owning a gun, they want to stop people who are most likely to misuse a gun from owning a gun. 

On the Brady campaign's website they have a count of the amount of people who have been shot in America this year as well as how many people have been shot today. At the point of writing this 174 people have been shot in America so far and 98272 people have died this year. This alone is an argument for gun control because of the sheer amount of people who have been injured or killed because of a gun. 

Anti-gun control

This website is from the Gun Owners of America. Their argument is that any control on who can own a gun goes against the second amendment of the US constitution which states that everyone has the right to keep and bear arms. They also argue that it to prevent someone from owning a gun will impede on someone's freedom.

Both websites argue strongly for their case, however the Gun Owners of America focus more on what can be done, what has been done and what anti-gun control supporters can do rather than attempting to persuade someone that gun control is wrong. The Brady campaign seems out more to persuade people and use some powerful statistics regarding deaths as a result of guns, for example, they give a list of different countries and the amount of people who were killed in one year by guns in each country. America had nearly 9,500 deaths in one year, and this is compared to Finland with only 17 deaths and Australia with only 35.

I find the pro-gun control website more convincing because they give facts and figures as to why America should have gun control. However, as a non-American the argument of the Gun Owners of America that it goes against the second amendment doesn't effect me but it may convince many Americans who agree with the bill of rights.

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