Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tim James- 2010 mid term elections campaign video.

Tim James was the republican candidate who ran in the 2010 mid term elections for Alabama and came third. The advert seems quiet short and only covers a single subject which is the use of 12 different languages on the drivers licence exams, and he states if he is made governor then he will make sure the test is only available in English. I don’t think the campaign advert helps him very much because there are probably more important things going on in Alabama than what language a drivers test is in.  The style of the advert seems very personal as you can assume he is walking through his own house for the advert. He is also the main focus of the advert with nothing else to distract the audience. At the very end James looks down from the camera and straight back to the camera. It looks as though he is trying to show a more personal side of him at the very end with a little bit of emotion. 

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