Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Party video

I found this video interesting as it discusses how the Tea Party would be viewed and treated if they were black. It is taken from a Russian news channel and suggests that the Tea Party are only being allowed to portray their views and take part in rallies without fear of physical retaliation because they are mostly white and that groups such as the Black Panther or the civil rights movement were feared and attacked even though they took part in peaceful marches. At the beginning of the video it focuses on the words of a Tea Party supporter who stated that it was the “first time ordinary Americans have stood up for their rights since the civil war.” Discounting the civil rights movement which were black Americans standing up for their rights.Although the people in the video never say that the Tea Party is a racist movement, they say that as the Tea Party is mostly made up of White people they are not viewed as a threat and are treated differently than if a group of Black or Latino Americans were attempting to do a similar thing.

Overall this video criticises the Tea Party mostly on the point that they are only getting support and becoming widespread across America because it is made up of mostly white people and that their views are not being taken into account. The fact that some supporters are racist is also targeted, this is as a result of claims by many that “Obama should go back to Kenya.” Finally the video also criticises the party by stating the supporters don’t understand what the party means or stands for. This is shown in the video by the statement that the Tea Party supporters ““have no idea what they are talking about” and that they are angry just because “people have told them that they should be angry but without knowing the reasons why”.

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Al said...

Need to note it's from Russian TV Josh!