Monday, November 8, 2010

US campaign

The campaign advert I have chosen is aired on behalf of Harry Reid, the Democratic candidate in the US Senate election for the state of Nevada which took place on November 2, 2010. Reid had won four terms already and was seeking a fifth term. He was up against the Republican candidate for the post, one of the most popular and out spoken nominees of the Tea Party, Sharron Angle. Most political commentators thought Angle would win and achieve a historic victory for the emerging Tea Party but Reid surprised a lot of people and held on to his seat. The results for the Democrats were 50.6% and for the Republicans 44.6%.
I think this campaign advert helped him win for the following reasons: it is short, simple, and to the point because it reminds the voters in Nevada what he has achieved for them while he has been their senator.
It is titled the ‘Right Direction’ and tells Nevadans that he will continue to take Nevada in the right direction. There is a quiet but confident tone that aims to reassure the voters. He focuses on keeping Nevada’s leading position in providing clean and green energy for the state and for the country. He notes Nevada has everything it needs to lead in alternative energy because of its geographical position; it is well placed to provide solar power (Nevada is very hot) and energy & resources from its underground heat reserves and water resource from rivers (Colorado River) etc. He stresses that this energy also fuels Nevada jobs, which is so important in the recession; he promises that 41,000 energy related jobs will be created.
The advert underlines that Harry Reid has been personally responsible for programs and investment that have brought money into the state to develop energy and he has lobbied in the senate to fast track key programs that have benefited the people who he has wanted to vote for him. He has also brought in millions of dollars of tax credits to further encourage investment to bring prosperity and business for the people of his state. He demonstrates that he has a safe pair of hands that will continue to bring prosperity to Nevada. The advert says success and it is also quietly patriotic.
The tagline of the advert “determination makes a difference” is message is he believes Nevadans will want to hear and it concludes his softly spoken but confident sales pitch.

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