Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rudy Moise campaign video:

This is one of the wierdest/most painful videos I've come accross:

Rudy Moise was a Democrat congress candidate for Florida, he came 2nd in the elections. The video above is awful! But interesting in its style- Moise is a Haitian-American & the video (though it claims he will represent 'everyone') represents minority groups predominantly. The music video style reflects that he is targeting young Americans who like rap-style music, there is a focus on him as a representitive of the black/hispanic community, and in many of his speechs/campaign work he has compared himself to Obama. The auto-tuning of voices is clearly an attempt to make it sound like more of a catchy song, but its so annoying! Moise is a rich candidate, with an estimated 10x more money that the other candidates for Congress in his district of Florida. He's an interesting candidate, hes a doctor, with his own clinic, served in the airforce & been in movies- this campaign ad clearly being his best yet. The discussed idea that these ads are played over and over during commercials drumming messages in works well with this video- the literal repetition of his name means that those who go to vote & are unsure of which candidate to pick will have atleast remembered his name, but it wasn't quite enough!

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