Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sorry for the length of the video I have chosen, but I thought it was worth it. The video is a campaign advert for Chuck DeVore, who ran against Barbara Boxer in the Republican Primary for the Senator in California. He lost, coming third with only 19.3% of the vote. I find this video very interesting, mainly because of its sheer ridiculousness. I think all the parts about his military life are true but I’m not sure. The fact that he has chosen to base his campaign on the slogan “what would Jack (Bauer) do?” is so absurd. Jack Bauer is a fictional character from the T.V series “24”. In which he repeatedly, singlehandedly saves the world from various different terrorists within the space of 24 hours, using often very extreme methods. He is clearly trying to appeal to the far right voters, assuming that if Jack Bauer were a real person, he would be very right wing. To be honest Jack Bauer probably would vote for him, but the fact that he believes the people of California will see this as reason enough to vote for him puts his fate in the popularity of a T.V show. The policies he puts forward are very vague, and seem to be more just doing the opposite of Barabara Boxer, rather than thinking of any himself. Other reasons he states to vote for him are the fact that he likes Guantanamo bay, he mows his own lawn and he is good at throwing hand grenades. I can’t help but think that if he had spent more time explaining some of his policies he may have done far better. Also the heavy rock guitar riffs that are played over the advert just go to add to DeVore’s image as the all American tough guy, again appealing to the more radical voters out there. Although I guess for a state which elected the Terminator himself it’s clearly not a bad image to go for.

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