Wednesday, November 24, 2010

For the side of anti-gun control, I have chosen this video, made by a group calling themselves "The Patriotic Resistance". They describe their website as a social network "where citizens can resist". Under their goals they state they are "opposing the rising tide of socialism". The clear message of this video is that by not allowing ordinary citizens of America to own a gun, the government is giving a helping hand to criminals and aiding them in carrying out crime without fear of people defending themselves. However the video is done in the style of a pro-gun control campaign, from the point of view of a criminal. I do think this is a good advert for anti-gun control, and it is a valid argument because of course banning guns, especially in a country the size of America and with so many guns already in circulation, would not necessarily stop them being used, it would just stop them being used by those who abide by the law. Though on the other hand, preventing violent crime simply by making sure everybody has a gun is a very simple and flawed solution.

For the side of pro-gun control, I have chosen this video;

I found this to be a very good and powerful advert. It is extremely simple in its message, yet it leaves a very strong impression. The argument used so often by gun enthusiasts is that a gun never killed anybody only the person who's holding it has. I think this short clip challenges that idea very well. It reminds anybody who watches it that, although guns can be used responsibly, they are still extremely dangerous, and the incredible power of them is so easily used for a person's own selfishness. This video shows the destructive power of guns, and I think reminds people that they are not comparable to a common tool, they are purely made for the purpose of killing.

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