Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pro and Anti Gun Control websites

Pro Gun Control-

"'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' is a coalition of more than 500 mayors from big cities and small towns who are dedicated to advancing policies at the national, state, and local levels that prevent criminals from illegally obtaining guns." The coalition has produced the video below- found on youtube, advocating that background checks need done at gun shows- preventing criminals from purchasing guns:

It is true that both boys involved in the Columbine shootings had criminal records, however it is known that most- if not all, of the guns used were bought legally by others for the boys. The video is professional and to the point, targeting its audience through the emotional reminder of the Columbine High School Massacre. It is easy to understand ('logical') why background checks on gun purchases are important, and easy to sympathise with this view. However the counter argument is that no rational minded criminal would bother going to a gun shop to purchase guns- though they might if they knew for certain- at say a gun show, that they definately wouldn't be checked. 'Closing the loophole' would end that.

Anti Gun Control-

This video is a response to the video above, made by the 'National Association for Gun Rights':

The video focuses on the fact idea that if the 'Gun show loophole' was closed by what would be a major gun-control legislation, a 'domino effect' of further gun control legislation and bans would follow. I don't think the argument is very convincing, it seems too unlikely that the government would or could 'shut down all private sales'.

The advert hinges on an (unrealistic) fear, and then spends the last minute of the video asking for money and contributions towards the cause- which seems to 'cheapen' and take away the genuine-concern element of the message. Those in favour of the possession of legal guns usually support the idea of checks to ensure that only legal citizens can own them, however it does contradict the ideas of 'freedom'. This organisation clearly does not want the government involved in any kind of gun regulation, and doesn't see the benefit of background checks.

An interesting site on gun control:

which explores the relationship between women and guns. Like many other anti-gun control websites it uses the 2nd amendment as a justification of the views represented. The group is extreme- it is in favour of no control what so ever: "AFA has taken a NO-COMPROMISE position by calling for the repeal of ALL gun laws back to and including the National Firearms Act of 1934". What makes it convincing is that one of the main members lost a son to gun violence, ( and yet she still supports de-regulation: "My son was the victim of an evil heart and a demented mind; he is not a poster boy for “gun control”. Gun control advocates have successfully diverted the focus from the vicious perpetrator- to the gun. A killer took my son’s life, not a gun!". The womans experience makes the beliefs seem more justified and rational. In the UK the closest issue we have to gun-crime is knife-crime, yet every one keeps kitchen knives at home in an unlocked draw, we don't pick up a knife and instantly think of using it to kill. If desired, almost any object can be used as a weapon. The argument that the gun itself is not the problem is a rational and understandable argument.

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