Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tea Party

I have chosen to write how the video gives voice to the Tea Party, from an interview by Jim Demint.
He is one of the Senate’s most conservative members, and is the junior U.S Senator from South Carolina. His political action committee, Senate Conservatives Fund, backs 11 Senate Republican challengers.

In the video DeMint states that the tea party movement is the “most positive thing to happen to this country in a while.”
"I think the tea party movement is much more than a political party and it certainly shouldn't join any political party," he told moderator John Dickerson from the Conservative Political Action Committee conference in Washington.

DeMint believes that successive US administrations may have been slowly undermining the Constitution and slated Obama for not making health care more available for everyone. DeMint makes a point of underlining the fact that Obama is asking too much from the federal government, and that the courses of action Obama has proposed are just asking too much.

He criticizes Obama because he likens Obama politics to the sort of politics that have failed in socialist countries round the world. He highlights hard working Americans who are against the democrats and that America must stop this slide into socialism; the American people aren’t generally socialists. DeMint wants to see the American people come out onto the street to express their concern over the mass of problems that have left the government in a mess. He wants them to work together to reduce debt, stop the borrowing crisis and other economic problems caused by the government and big businesses. The voice of the tea party is the people taking back their country.

What Obama is doing to America; DeMint believes may even be a threat to the constitution. The Constitution provides a common ground for the American people, without it there is nothing to bind the American people together. Obama and his government are going outside this with policies like their economic stimulus and taking over the health care which are much more geared to a socialist agenda and surely not the American way. He also doesn’t believe that Obama is capable of delivering the health care reforms anyway.

He stresses that The Tea Party is more than just a political party, it is the people of America demanding accountability of the government and elected candidates. It must take back the government for the people.

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