Monday, November 8, 2010

Campaign video, Rand Paul, Kentucky

ABC News reporting
Republican Rand Paul won the seat as Senator of Kentucky against the Democrat candidate Jack Conway. Mr Paul (a Tea Party leader) said that he would look to make cuts in government spending and reduce the borrowing from China. The commentator asked him about the big government deficit. The Senator said raising taxes was not the way. He classed himself as a reasonable nice sort of guy and talked of wanting to work with President Obama.

Reporter Amanda Van Benschoten of the Kentucky and Cincinnati Enquirer said that when Rand Paul and his team arrived at the airport in Kentucky, there were about fifty people waiting to greet him, whereas when the Democratic candidate Jack Conway and his people arrived about four hours later, there were only six supporters there. She said the Democratic party was almost non-existent in the US Senate race, and commented that the contrast in numbers of supporters at the airport told you everything you needed to know about the state of the Democratic party in Kentucky - that they were demoralised and disorganised.

Jill Glazier

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