Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Tea Party Movement is for 'dummies'- literally!

Criticism of the Tea Party Movement:

This video is a criticism of the Tea Party Movement, by a a group called 'Mock the Dummy'. I can't find out much about who is 'officially' behind it, they claim their purpose is to "combat idiocy with satire". They offer puppet videos that criticise the Tea Party movement predominantly, and some general Republican criticisms. The video below is about how the organisation is not really a 'grass roots movement' along with several other criticisms.

In summary, the criticisms are as followed:

The Tea Party Movement (TPM) is afraid- represented through their hiding in an underground nuclear bunker. They are quite literally dummies, who believe in Armageddon... 'any day now the messiah will come', believe Obama is the 'most radical president in history', fear Socialism and Healthcare for All. The video mocks sarcastically the idea that the TPM is a Grass roots movement, 'Not a professionally organised PR effort... founded by king media group'. The video portrays the movement as dumb, with Americans 'coming out to show their creativity' (showing a shirt written with 'say no to socilism' (socialism spelt wrong). A recurring mock of the party is their inability to spell! They are represented as homophobic: 'Ahh, I'm infected by the gay agenda' & as believing that Obama is a 'Muslim terrorist with no birth certificate, who plans to take your guns, put you in internment camp, and rape your sons and daughters'

The general/overall theme is that the movement is literally 'dumb' and the followers are unrealistically afraid. They are presented as very right-wing: fearing socialism and healthcare reforms, embracing homophobia and christianity,and supporting lack of gun control. Other videos by the group are equaly as full of satire, 'How to Recruit Dummies for your Tea Party or Suicide Mission' compares them to Al Queda & terrorists, 'Why Dummies Want to Forget the Tea Party Ancestry' compares the movement to Confererate Slave owners, The Klu Klux Klan, Anti-civil rights protesters/those against desegregation and those against African Americans Voting.

I think you get the jist! All the videos are really funny, but they do a good job of not just poking fun, but pointing out flaws and extreme views in the 'Tea Party Message'.
Links to some of the other videos below:

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