Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The videos I have posted are relatively recent adverts for American made jeans. The first is an advert for Wrangler. As we discussed in the lecture, the original purpose of jeans was for the ordinary working class men. They were useful because they were long lasting and tough. They were for men who had tough and dirty jobs, and were bought purely for practicability. This advert focuses on that original selling point. It shows American footballer Brett Favre playing a casual game of American football with other men around his age. They are playing in the mud and shown falling over, showing the jeans toughness. Being a sportsman, especially an older and highly respected one, gives him an image of the all-American man's man, therefore identifying with the audience Wrangler are selling too. Also the song "bad to the bone" very much backs up this image.

The second video is for Levi jeans, and is clearly selling to a completely different audience. We see Brad Pitt being released from prison, and greeted by an attractive young woman who brings him his Levis, before they drive off into the horizon together. Brad Pitt could be described as a present day James Dean/Marlon Brando figure, Therefore Levi are clearly going the complete opposite direction from Wrangler, and trying to sell to the younger generation by making their product seem fashionable, rather than practical. Contrary to the Wrangler advert, there is no mention of the jeans being tough or comfortable, they are purely made to look cool. Even the song "20th century boy" suggests their modern approach, that Levis are not made for working class men anymore, they are made for fashionable and cool young people. You could not imaging Brad Pitt fitting in very well playing football with Brad Favre and his friends, just as you couldn't imagine Brad Favre being the cool rebel in the Levis advert.

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