Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dodge Challenger Freedom Commercial

The advert above is for an American car- the Dodge Challenger.
The advertisement contains many typically 'American' values of freedom and liberty, making reference to the war of independence, with the ideology behind it summarised by 'America got two things right; Cars and freedom'. The message behind the ad is that if you buy the car it will set you free and make you independent, allow you to drive in comfort anywhere, pushing forward the American notion of exploration and freedom through driving and being on the open road. Though a road is not shown, the backdrop to the ad has mountains or large hillside and forest- signifying wilderness, and hinting and exploration.

Most Americans see the Independence of American from Britain as a positive thing, the car is shown to be vs the British, so it is implied that if Americans still believe in the value of American freedom they believe in the product- the car. If they rejected the advert they would be saying that the British should have won. The ad is trying to 'retain' American values of freedom and target those who believe in that, the setting is unsettled (no houses, town) meaning that the car would allow you to truly be free and go back to the days of simple unsettled wilderness- a want/desire of many Americans- advocated by followers of the teaparty.

The ad is meant to stir up patriotism and notions of American freedom, the American flag being featured on the cars themselves (it also makes them look almost presidential and important- the brave travel in these cars) and the American flag fades in the ending to a flag of the Dodge logo, representing that the car is part of the American ideal and that it is setting America free. Possibly George Washington type figure at the end??

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