Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Nike commercial

The above advertisement is for Nike and shows two of the best American Football players in Shawne Merriman and Steven Jackson competing in different weather conditions easily beating their opponents. The advert makes them look like they are constantly playing as after each tackle they are shown in a new stadium against a new team, which gives the impression that if you purchase something made by Nike you will always be at your best and ready to go. The different weather conditions show that with Nike sportswear you will be able to succeed in any conditions as it won’t let you down, be it in bright sunlight or severe snowstorms. Also as the advert features two of the best American football players at the time, it sends the message that Nike “made” these athletes, and the reason that they are performing well in the advert, and in real life matches is because they are wearing footwear and clothing that Nike has made, and if you purchase items from Nike you will be able to perform at their level as well. This leads to the notion that the reason that the opponents of the two players in the advert are unable to stop them is because they are not wearing Nike, and that is why they are made out to be ordinary compared to the “Nike superstars.” The music adds to the advert, with the beats being in time with each tackle, making it look and sound more dramatic, especially at the end, where the music sounds “victorious” as a result of Steven Jackson scoring a touchdown while overspowering five men which displays the success you can achieve with the help of Nike sportswear.

To conclude the whole advert displays a great symbolic value for Nike sportswear, as buying it’s cheaper rivals may save you money, but you won’t be wearing clothing or footwear that NFL players such as Merriman or Jackson wear, meaning that if you do buy from Nike you will be able to put yourself in the same league as those great American football players.

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