Monday, October 4, 2010

Strange Maps

The map I have posted shows, to what standard the theory of evolution is taught in the schools of America. Red means that it is not taught well or even at all in that state, yellow means at a satisfactory level and green means that it is taught to an excellent standard. I found this map interesting as we would assume that the deeply religious States in America, such as the south would not teach the theory of evolution to a good standard because it would go against their beliefs, however according to the map that is not always the case. It shows that although some of the southern States are teaching evolution at an unsatisfactory level, many are teaching the subject to a good standard and North and South Carolina are even teaching it to an excellent standard, This is interesting as it shows that particular States are changing their view on topics such as evolution, as a hundred years ago the southern States which are renowned for their strong religious beliefs would not have acknowledged the theory of evolution, let alone teach it in their schools but now many States have changed their stance with others possibly changing theirs in the future. This is an example of the ever changing and ever developing America, and the fact that even a factor as strong as religion is not preventing a change, in this case a change in American education.

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