Sunday, October 3, 2010

Positive and negative image of America
I have chosen this image of the Statue of Liberty as my positive image of the USA because it would have been seen as a positive image to many Americans. The Statue of Liberty would have been and possibly still is the first thing seen by immigrants from around the world as they arrived in New York, having spent maybe weeks, even months travelling from their homelands to America for a better life, maybe with the hope of living the American dream. People who travelled thousands of miles to America for this new life would have had to have left friends and family and their old lives in their home lands behind them. The image of the statue of liberty and what it represented may have given them a sense of comfort for any sort of emotion they were feeling.

This image is of Guantanamo bay prison, which is situated on an island off the coast of Cuba. It is used to house mainly terrorists who where felt to be a threat to the national security of the USA. I have used this photo as it is seen as an embarrassment by most other Western civilisations. This is apparent from the various speeches made by American politicians including the president, Barack Obama, regarding the closure of the prison. The reason for the embarrassment is the inhumane treatment of prisoners, some who have never even been charged with any terrorist activities. 

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Jill Glazier said...

These are two very opposite images aren't they Alex; one of liberty and hope; the other of captivity and despair. Interesting that a country can present both as legitimate concepts.