Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Criticism of the USA- Cuba


This website is from the ministry of foreign affairs in Cuba. The theme of the article, written in January 2010, is criticism of Barack Obama’s foreign policies with Cuba a year after Obama was voted into office

The whole article criticises Barack Obama on his dealings with the US – Cuban relation. The beginning of the article claims that there has been no change to US- Cuban relations in January 2010, a year after Obama made a statement suggesting he was going to make positive changes to the two countries relationship, even going to the extent of suggesting a lift on US restrictions on Cuba. However, the main claim of the article is that there have been no positive changes to US relations with Cuba, but rather negative changes.
The reason for this idea is because the US included Cuba in it’s black list of countries; a list of 14 countries that are linked to alleged state- sponsored terrorism. This is a contradiction to Obama’s suggestion of making positive changes to the two countries relationship because Cuba took this as a hostile action toward the country. The author clearly believes this action was unjustified with him saying ‘without offering any specific evidence of the USA being a victim of such a deplorable political doctrine and practice.’’ He also believes Cuba has been wronged by this action because they are the only country that doesn’t have a Muslim majority.

The article then goes on to say that it is the USA, rather than Cuba, that is state- funding terrorism. The article claims the CIA has been linked to terrorist acts in Cuba and the Caribbean as well as accusing them of funding terrorist acts. However, this claim that the CIA are linked to terrorism is not supported so can’t be used as a valid argument against the USA.

A third point from this article is a quote that says the Cuban commander in chief; Fidel Castro supported Barack Obama after he won the 2009 Nobel peace prize, when Obama was receiving criticism from other countries about the USA’s stance in Afghanistan.

This article is heavily critical of the USA for it’s ‘‘unprovoked official hostility’’ Cuba believe they haven’t done anything wrong and that any hostility towards them in the shape of a place on the US black list or trade and economic sanctions is purely unjustified. 

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